Right after her undergraduate studies she did her masters (MBA) in a very good UK university, graduated with distinction, and landed a job at a well-recognized bank. She had always admired banking as a job, and in this century anyone in the banking field is seen as lucky. She dreamed of being the best CEO... Continue Reading →

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The Unspoken Battle: Fighting Depression

Depression is a subject that is very discriminated against and stigmatized in some African countries, including Ghana. The fact is people do not understand what depression actually is, and therefore victims suffering depression tend to never get better when they try to seek help from the society in which they find themselves. Depression is viewed... Continue Reading →

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26/07/2019. I was given the opportunity to create awareness on stress and the need to deploy measures to optimize their stress levels- by visiting Shalom Baptist Church.

A church filled with energetic and committed young individuals, I found myself leading a song and clapping to the tune of good praise songs, when I had made an entrance with the intention of delivering a well rehearsed presentation.

The head of the church? A Spirit- filled gentleman; Pastor Ernest Appiah. Thanks for pushing me up the podium to help people better their mental health and protect their mental space.

Because this was my first time to the place, I made a Queens move by exploring the area of Fawode, a suburb of Kumasi, before I entered the church.

With this blog post, I intend to educate my readers and liven their tastebuds on the need to adopt an unladen lifestyle which feeds…

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Knowing more about Saving and Investing

Executive Summary Currently sudden movements, acquisitions and mergers have caused citizens to be quite concerned about investing in the country due to the current unstable financial sector uncertainties. These factors affect local investments, foreign investments, and the Ghanaian financial performance. Despite all these recent happenings and even some wrong misconceptions, this blog is to help... Continue Reading →


Great. Autism Awareness. Lovely initiative ❤️


I was talking with a friend in the consulting room two weeks ago, who had unfortunately lost her sister to complications of autism spectrum disorder. I then took it unto myself to inform my wonderful readers on ASD, so help can be sought for these children and not just subjected to the wiles of witchcraft.

Normal parents would ask “why did my child develop autism?” A little boy who can rock himself in his chair up and down and actually get a knife to cut his head open when he is upset. This indicates how debilitating autism is. You could have a child who is very great at Math only or Science only but has difficulty in initiating conversations; this gives you a clue as to the likelihood of autism.

But bear in mind, Autism Spectrum Disorder is a spectrum of diseases consisting of

  1. Childhood autism
  2. Rett’s syndrome
  3. Other childhood…

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HAVING MENTAL ILLNESS IN GHANA AND AFRICA: THE TRUTH Mental health, mental illness, is a commonly ignored topic world wide, particularly in Africa. Due to its uncomfortable nature and stigmatization regarding the subject, most people go through these circumstances alone until it is too late to begin treatment. There are lots of people with mental... Continue Reading →


Great Blog. Must read. Don’t lack this knowledge


Hello Readers, I trust we are all doing great? I felt compelled by a friend to educate you on this: BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER because it can be a disorder that brings you down the drain.

I saw a friend in the consulting room who presented with multiple scars on her left forearm; deliberate attempts at self harm. This puts the question what is self harm? Self harm is the deliberate injury to oneself, typically as a manifestation of a psychological or psychiatric disorder.

So let’s move to borderline personality disorder.

Borderline personality disorder is characterized by instability, impulsiveness, chaotic sexuality, suicidal acts, feeling of emptiness and self multilating behaviors. Lots of English words I know!

Borderline personality disorder is thought to be present in about 1-2% of the population and is twice as common in women than men.

Patients with borderline personality disorder stand between the border of neuroses and…

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